Monday, 20 June 2011

I made this quote when a lot is running through my mind..
I made this and remebered that nothing lasts forever, it isn't always going to worry me and life is too short to panic.


Mix of bargain and bling

Sunday, 19 June 2011

It's all classy here..


This oufit screamed girly glam, I love the pop of red with the Ilamasque lipstick and the cuteness is upheld with the bows and flowers through shoes and hair bows, yet the heels and red lippy show glamour and add a cheeky edgy side to the whole outfit!



I bought China Glaze 'Cutom Kicks' a few weeks back enticed by the gorgeous colour! It was beautiful on the pictures :(
Put it on regardless, with my old faithful OPI top coat, went too take it off a week later.. and I almost cried when my nails were stained GREEN. You can imagine my horror. Yet, I rubbed in white toothpaste and filed it down, and it looked okay..
But beware.. It turns your nails into mini shreks.


boyish fashion.


I am the BIGGEST lover of baggy tops, skinnys and converse, and it doesn't always have to look like you threw it on..

Paired with aviators and a cute kitsch necklace it really brings in the effortless glam. With huge softening curls this would really produce a WOW outfit, one which shows effortless glam!

Lemon love,


I love this outfit!

I love using polyvore for creating outfits, and for this I used summer inspiration with accents of lemon colour, its perfect for everyday wear and suits all skin tones, and including the floral headband makes the outfit pop!

Kim K, Selena and Nicole all really rock the lemon vibe, especially with their beautiful golden skin tone.

Its a must for summer


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